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        October 19-20, 2006      The Rosen Plaza Hotel      Orlando    Florida, USA
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Diet Convention (Orlando) brings you highly qualified experts in the diet and weight loss industry to speak about various business aspects at this event. The presentations will be focused on topics concerning better management of a diet and weight loss business. Each presenter will be both objective and neutral.

Currently we are seeking speakers for this event. Only industry experts in the diet control and weight loss business, nutritional experts, marketing and advertising experts (both traditional and online) and technology experts will be considered. Please e-Mail us if you are interested in speaking at this event.

John LaRosa
The U.S. Weight Loss Market: Issues, Trends and Forecasts
Burger King Julie Haugen
What the Fast Food Industry is Doing to Accomodate Dieters
Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina Phil Midden
(Manager, Complementary & Alternative Health Programs)
Weight Loss and Healthcare Insurance

Federal Trade Commission
Richard Cleland
(Assistant Director, Division of Advertising Practices)
Diet Industry Advertising: DO's and DON'Ts
Emord Jonathan Emord
Regulatory Environment: Status Report: FDA and FTC Regulation of Weight Loss Claims
Weight Loss For Life Linda Spangle
Fire Up Weight Loss Motivation and Make it Stick: How to Improve Succeess Rates, Compliance, and Retention in ANY Diet Program
Johns Hopkins Lawrence J. Cheskin, M.D., F.A.C.P.
(Director, Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health)
Medical Aspects of Obesity (Risks, Complications, Treatments)
Abe Mezrich
(Director of Communications)
Search Engine Marketing for the Diet Industry
Flatiron Media Ray Costa
(President and Co-Founder)
Online Strategy for Diet Companies: Elements of Good Diet Websites
Ten Golden Rules Jay Berkowitz
SEO & SEM Strategies: 10 Golden Rules of Marketing Diets on the Internet
Wellness Layers Amir Kishon, Ph.D.
Benefits and Strategies for Building a Diet Website for Food and Weight Loss Companies
Simmons Market Research Craig Harper
(EVP, GM Client Services)
Dieter Demographics - Who Are They and What Are They Looking For
6-Step Weightloss Center Dr. Ayaz Virji
(Chief Medical Officer)
Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT)
American Palm Oil Council Pramod Khosla, PhD
Issues Related to Dietary Fats and their Implications for Health and Diet

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